What the Children are Saying

What the Children are Saying

A very important part of our school is listening to what children and parents say. We want to know how children feel and how parents feel about how children feel!  Parents give us feedback about what we are doing and how children are reacting, and it’s a wonderful connection to have.

Here are some things we have learned:

Jack’s Father:  “Jack was so excited when he got home from Coney Island that he jumped on the bed and threw his legs up shouting, “DAD! SMELL MY LEG!! Do you know what that is??!! That’s THE OCEAN!!!” Which made me laugh twice as hard because that’s basically what Kramer said to Jerry in a classic episode of Seinfeld after coming back from the beach (although it was his arm). They later pitched the scent to Calvin Klein. That was certainly the happiest I’ve ever seen him after a day of school. He had a blast!!! THANK YOU!!!”

Otis: Walking up the stairs after a happy day at the Farmers Market:  “I think my parents chose the right kindergarten for me”

Camila: “I like this school better (than her previous school) because we mostly get to do the things I like”

Dash: “At my other school I couldn’t be a kid, here I can be a kid.”

Jack’s father:  So Governor’s Island was another huge hit. Jack loved it.  When I asked if Kristen and Ari (the teachers) got to use REAL tools Jack replied, “Dad, listen to this (with hand gestures for emphasis) — NO GROWNUPS ALLOWED. I think Kristin and Ari just sat in some chairs in the grass that other people left there.” I asked, “So someone actually had to tell Kristen and Ari they had to leave?” Jack replied, “I think there was a sign.”