Our goals are Constructive Communication and Creative Collaboration.  We want children to communicate their feelings,  especially negative ones, in a constructive way.  Instead of saying “I’m not your friend any more!” they will learn to say: “I feel angry because you wouldn’t play with me today.”  In this way, they grow in awareness of their interior life and in their understanding of others.  From this basis, they can move toward healthy working relationships.

Creative Collaboration means encouraging children first to express their individuality in whatever form  it presents itself – a fascination with the wonders of math, a love of creating music, a scientific curiosity, a passion to tell stories. Each individual is a unique combination of talents and interests, impacted by culture, family and circumstance.  We are there to listen, and guide.  Secondly, children come to school to work in the presence of others.  We are there to help them collaborate, and to collaborate with them.  In an environment where there is emotional safety and acceptance, children do not need to compete for the teachers’ attention, or to outdo each other.  They will find excitement both in cooperation and group work, as well as in solitary research and thought.