Dear Parents

As Director of Little Missionary’s Day Nursery, I have found that children thrive with Emotional Education. They are focused, relaxed, communicative, and engaged.

That is the approach we have at Sara Curry Day School.

First and foremost, we teach children to reflect before they act, and to understand their feelings and the feelings of others.  We do not avoid or redirect conflicts. Instead we use conflicts as an opportunity to discuss their causes, recognize patterns, and encourage children to find their own solutions.

Second, we respect and value the child’s personal agenda and style.  Every child is born with innate curiosity, intelligence, and drive. Every child wants to feel fulfilled as an individual and as a member of a group, contributing his or her talents and being recognized as a unique and important person. Natural learners, children just need our guidance and support to
reach their own goals.

Motivation is everything – children can master any challenge if they are on the path to their own goal.  Reading a treasure map, or writing about a conflict with another child, for instance, are literacy activities meaningful to the child. Counting your pennies so you can buy yourself a toy, or measuring who is taller, are meaningful math activities, all driven by emotional engagement and personal investment in the task.

Our mission is to welcome the whole child into the classroom, to listen to him or her as a feeling individual and an autonomous thinker  We are there to witness, to reflect, to share our resources and collaborate.

Eileen Johnson