In addition to our school year, we offer a summer camp program that is open to all Sara Curry Day School families as well as to other families whose children do not attend our regular year program. We make use of our private courtyard as well as our roof deck play space to engage in water play with sprinklers and water tables, outdoor painting, and gardening.

While many of the activities are the same as the regular year class schedule, the summer camp places an emphasis on outdoor play and learning. Children take trips to the wonderful sprinkler parks and local gardens that surround us in the East Village, and we have fun taking picnics outdoors. Older children travel farther afield to playgrounds, museums, water parks and performances.

Our Summer Program runs from the beginning of July to the first week of August, about six weeks. This is a flexible program to accommodate families with varying summer needs (we realize you might be in and out of town during the summer, have alternate hours at work, additional activities planned for your family).

We offer the program 5 days a week with the same hours as our regular school year (8.30-3pm plus afterschool until 5:30pm-no Friday afterschool) – and you choose exactly which days and weeks you’d like your child to attend as the program is priced on a daily basis.

Children currently enrolled have preference when allocating spots in the Summer Program. Non-enrolled students will be offered spaces after March 30th.

Download summer camp application