Kindergarten and First Grade

For 2017-2018 we will have K/1 programs.  We will be working with children on their projects and our program will include:

Emotional Education with daily mindfulness and meditation

Social Education, community building, conflict resolution, outreach and social responsibility

Literacy – oral storytelling, read aloud, writing and publishing, play writing and performing

Foreign language

Math projects, building, money and time activities, projects involving buying and selling, weighing and measuring

Art and crafts, photography and film, expression and documentation

Music, movement and instrument study, composition, song and dance

Nature, gardening, science, nutrition, recycling, cooking, earth studies


Second Grade

For 2018-2019 our Second Grade class will take our studies further.  Children will take the lessons they have learned about their own group interaction, and take a look outside that small group to wider community.  We will explore other cultures, undertake more complex projects in crafts and construction, making creative use of technology.  We will utilize the resources of New York City and its museums farms and artisanal workshops to understand the new and innovative trends in culture and community.  We will pay attention to our role in the environment and culture and encourage children’s ideas and problem solving strategies for their own problems as well as for small and larger groups.


Our school will add one grade each year, from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.